Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday-ing the House

Our little house is feeling quite cozy! Christmas decorations are just the best. Last weekend my friend Leslie came over for a little ornament-making party and we knocked out a few projects. I'm a sucker for  holiday DIY, especially since I love to decorate but I don't love to buy decorations - Christmas should be handmade, you know?

First we made these ornaments by covering clear bulbs in strips of old poetry.

Then I messily experimented with these balls, which are made by marbling paint inside a clean glass globe. I had a couple of paint explosions, but I love the way the finished project looks. 

My first gift wrapping of the season was this little guy, our gift for our church's annual Adopt-A-Family gift drive. It's always the first gift of the season we buy, and it helps me remember why we give, to those we love and to those we don't even know. 

Next up, holiday baking!


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